Saturday, January 9, 2016

A powerful marriage made in the nordic heaven!

There comes a time when a power source needs to meet a stabil, strong and newly  painted frame. And today was the day. 
The powerful unit. The Salt Slush hope. The mean machine that will make our Amazon a strong sprinter and hopefully blow our minds as we fly steadily over the white salt surface at Bonneville. 
Hey-Ho. Kalle and Anders are setting sail.
Ragnar is giving the direction, Magnus provide a thoughtful force and Per is leading the way. We're on the move. Life's good...
...or not...some small adjustment was needed. Yes, the frame has been painted thoroughly once. But think positive, the frame will get a thicker layer of paint in this region. It will be more rust resistant and we'll have the possibility improve the finish.  
Mission accomplished. The Beuty and The Beast, just married.
Speedy it looks. Soon to appear on a dyno. Time for a beer.
But what is this? Carina is simultaneously starting up this year's Suffolk lawn mover engine restoration. Even small hearts need to beat in the summertime.

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