Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Work-life-balance provider from 1946!

Salt Slush Racing team like to work hard. But work-life-balance is also important. A man cannot live on bread alone, you've got to nourish your soul and once in a while buy a car. Otherwise things might go terribly wrong when you're in search for relief.
A couple of months ago, Carina and I was on vacation in California and suddenly, in Lodi, it was standing there...A Ford 1946 Club Coupe. The sun was shining, we were relaxing in a wine district and yes, vulnerable for temptations like Coupe's from the 40-ties with patina.
3 months later. January in Gothenburg. -6 deg C (21degF) outside. Will it start?
You can judged from the smile on my face...after Carina poured in start gas and attached a decent warm battery, while I was pushing the starting knob for a while. And TADA! It was running like a dream! The old Henry Ford side valve V8 for sure warm up the engine block quickly.
A moment of joy and excitement.
Warming up in its new home far away from palm trees. In a couple of months this old V8 Ford will speed old Swedish summer road and hopefully bring even more joy (and perhaps some surprisers...)


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