Thursday, January 7, 2016

Salt Slush Speed Shop under pressure. High pressure...

It's dark and cold again and all winter active car guy's are on the move. They have stopped dreaming and now their minds are set. Their evenings are getting longer and nights shorter. It's time build the street or race car in order to be ready for next summer's speed, power and burning rubber.
Salt Slush know all about this build fever, which comes like the flu winter time, because we're as well infected...
A clear symptom of a developed motor infection is when you all of a sudden start to order super cool Speed Parts for your ride. Then you know you're infected and you know there's only one cure; Build your vehicle, wait for summer and feel the power!
Salt Slush always try to help and therefore we're busy to proudly deliver AirWerks and EFR turbos to car guys with crave for speed, top performance and durability. Just looking at a  master piece like a EFR turbo makes you feel good.
The new S300SX-E is really popular. Super compressor and turbine. Cheap and robust. Bang for the Buck. Cina and Anders are here busy with assembling the right turbine house to the right Super core according to customer order.
Yes, sometimes we're burning midnight oil to provide race equipment to the race & street community. It feels good to contribute to all nice projects!

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