Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pick up a Pick Up

As a complement to todays low CO2 discussion and to get some flexibility in to our life, something special was needed. Since all members in the family have a need to transport things; bikes, car parts, horse food, tow stuff etc. what could be better than a competent, high torque, pick up ?

My friend had a low mileage C10 Big Block which had escaped a hard pick-up truck life. I've had my eyes on it for a while and I'd shown it to my wife and I got flavor of support from her side to buy it. So I bought immediately ,and that will change both the truck's and our life a bit.

From a hot and sunny Fresno, California to the cold winter night in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I had been waiting for the real cold to arrive. The Salt Slush had to freeze, otherwise this low mileage C10 Big Block would have been smeared in with more than a fair share of that corroding provider.  

The Salt Slush team was all reeved up with a particular place to go.We were all set to take the C10 to our Workshop, where it's protected from the cold and dark night. 
Just started and taken out, in to the cold night ready for transportation to the SSR garage.

Before it was started i filled one of it's fuel tanks (yes, there's two) and that's how high fuel consumption was handled in 1977.  The former owner in Fresno called it Gas Hog instead of Gas Guzzler. Luckily it's equipped it with vacuum meter to support good mileage. 

Ok using the left side tank it was started 
It was not completely comfortable with the cold, snowy and icy roads. The old and  California sun dried tyres didn't have the same grip as a new set of Nokia Hakkapelita winter tyres. The engine took some serious time to get warm, a lot of cast iron.
Fast frwrd here we have arrived to the team garage.

The transportation worked out just fine no issues or legal representatives surprised us during the transportation. So far I have learned that it's not a race car, slow steering, brakes yes but not as crisp and confident, surprisingly robust and solid, need for a service.

Back inside, waiting for TLC and to become a Swedish citizen. The plan is to spend some time parallel with the building of the Land speed Amazon

I will give it a good service and tune it up together with some changes to support the Swedish registration.  Besides, the idea is to use and enjoy it as it is, to keep it's good untouched condition and to to improve it step by step and always keep it running. 
Some cleaning and polishing will make a difference, it has around 8 000 miles, some wear and tears and signs of a happy and comfortable California life. 
Looks good on picture solid as it is. Even the jack is still resting in the engine bay. 

No electrical system salad, original cruise control which is still working, but I need to find new AC compressor, AC dryer some bulbs and some minor things.

Our car and part logistic friend.

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