Thursday, April 21, 2016

Law obedient and tax paying

Early morning april the 21 it was time for inspection and to hopefully be approved and thereby able to enjoy a law obedient and tax paying life. The truck had been modified to meet Swedish standards and law. Lights,  Km/h, towing system, brake system, combined with some service and TLC.

Morning and waiting for the engine to get warm.

A nice and a little nervous drive to the inspection

Work in progress, 
Yes Sir everything is OK, Yes  according to all standards, Yes with margin, Yes it's in very good condition, only driven to church by an old lady, Yes only 89 000 miles not 189 000.
Sir look even the jack is still in the engine bay and the original emission system is still untouched on the big block, Yes it's an eco cruiser,  
Yes Flowmaster is GM original Eco Cruiser parts, No it's not loud it's original.
All jokes a side they are very good and helpful to make it work without short cutting safety.

Done just pay and enjoy the luxury to be legal and tax paying !

Home sweet home !All in all a very good start of the day.
Now i just have to wait for the new license plates. 

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