Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ready... Steady...

It's soon weekend and time to prepare for some quality time in the workshop!
Here's a Salt Slush Racing 600hp recipe you might want to try: 
1. Take one LS2 engine and one Magnificent Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger Kit.
2. Add of pair of LS3 cylinder heads and spice it up with 8 offset inlet rockers and a couple head gaskets
3. Let the good times roll!
Remark1: If you don't have all the ingredients at home.... have to go a well stocked shopping mall near you to get what your looking for. 
Then bring it home in vehicle of choice (best is to bring it home in the target vehicle...)  
Put all stuff together take a deep breath and just take in the speed parts aura. 
(Avoid Lotus position) 

Remark 2: If you, like many men, get stressed when shopping, start with an LS3 engine instead and go directly to the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger.

To be continued...

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