Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meaning of Life.

People all over the world are continuously thinking about this topic...generally, in vain. Here are some basic parameters that makes your time on planet Earth endurable.

 1. You've got to have toys of your liking. More is more. Example: Cina was keen of getting hold of a Suffolk Punch and this Saturday she found one. Pure happiness, like finding gold.
 2. Social connections. The crave for toys get makes you get in contact with other people. Example; Cina is sealing the deal. 
 3. Pickup trucks. You got to have a toy to get hold of a new smaller toy. The C20 pick-up truck make you and your fellow road users happy. Forget about self development books; Happy small block = Happy life.
 4.  Do something. Work hard and enjoy the feeling of success (or failure...) afterward. 
 5. Again, transportation & fun: Karl-Johan's latest toy, a big block C10 is alive and kicking. Ready for government inspection and burnout's (and of course, useful work)
 6. Be Creative. Think, measure and build something. Example: The homemade inner fenders were not tailored for the Amazon before this weekend.
  Ref. point 4 above. After some hours in the workshop this Sunday, the two low drag-inner fenders is measured, brackets has been made and the gap to the Amazon other fenders are tight.
 Inner fenders and Amazon fenders assembled.
Front complete.
Bonus picture. Because we like it a lot.
Meaning of life according to Salt Slush Racing: Follow you motor dreams, work hard and enjoy the feeling of getting something done! 

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