Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bad or Very good influence

Yesterday I came back from a quick visit to Shanghai, out on Wednesday morning and back on Saturday evening,  It was all connected to my work at Volvo Cars Corp. Lets put it like this, We are very lucky to enjoy our summer in Sweden, Air, Space, Nature, and Access to our workshop and dreams. Ok Gothenburg is not at all a Mega City (Shanghai has 20 times more citizens with all that comes with that) more a small city with easy access to space and nature.

Shanghai Pudong hotel room view Saturday morning

Lindome Outside Gothenburg Sweden view Sunday morning  

Don't misunderstand me, but I didn't see any Hot Rods or cool cars (expressing a dream) besides luxury cars which are used to express success.

Sunday morning, after sleeping well I was very happy of to be back in the garage digging in to finalizing (re start) the extra cooling tank i started last year. The Tank has kind of become my bad conscious.

To get in garage lets do it mood

What about the good influence ? Well Markus, a colleague of mine from VCC, who travelled with me to Shanghai have had a problem to define what type of car to buy to there big familly, He and his soon to be Wife Ellen, 4 children one small dog and a big dog a Mastiff.

He had considered, XC90 Classic (A Good Choice, but the Mastiff, a massive dog, killed it,) Renault Espace, (French) Land  Rover Defender  (Cool & British but extremely bad car) etc. After some discussion I sad the Word.... Suburban ! to short cut, he Bought one (a 2001 7 seater) today and is very Happy You should know that he is British.

My only reflection is that asking us in SSR garage for advice about what car is of course good but the advice can be rather twisted and different to advices from more mainstream people.

I still claim that XC90 both old and new is a very very good choice (Ok I work at Volvo since long time but trust me it's a fantastic car) but with a Mastiff you need more which makes the  Suburban the obvious pick.

The happy family Suburban

Besides these happening, Anders was managing his new Corvette  C6, which is soon of to paint, Håkan and Carina did some errands. all combined with a steady flow of different people (mainly car guys) passing by.

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