Sunday, July 31, 2016

Stop it! Cool down!

In all projects there are some special tasks that are almost magically repellant. Eventually those tasks might turn sour...if not...someone just steps in and heroically solves them smoothly.  
Today, we put a stop to one though topic as Magnus made magic moves...The rear brakes are now, designed, package and assembled. 
Salt Slush proudly present... The rear end brake caliper brackets!
The proud hero in person.
 Brackets in process.
How difficult can it be? Well, rather difficult actually. We almost wore out internet in our search after a disc brake, with a small diameter but with the correct (rather big) bolt pattern and the correct somewhat odd offset. Eventually we managed find calipers  suitable for the discs while...
...still enable us to fit to the 15'' Crager rims with a rather strange offset.
But now we're good! Celebration! 
Another component which its creator (Kalle) is referring to as The Wisdom Tooth (meaning the ice/water tank) is now in place and completed. Not yet fixed to the frame, but still, another Super Sunday Success.
Why this pic? Well, we're a bit proud, right here, right now that's why. Soon we'll lower the body and hit the, track.

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