Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Working Nine to Five! Service and Devotion!

Tumble out of bed
and stumbled to the workshop
 poured myself cup of the good hope 
not to yawn and stretch
but to get Adrenaline!
Drove out on the street
Where The Schenker man was howling 
while I was trying to get out of my morning mess.
But the Service and Devotion from race team members
made me think
that we're in to something special  
that will be really really nice.... 
After I made some turbo delivery workout, Carina immediately started to assemble all the turbos that had to be shipped away. 
Kalle was doing precision lathing using his left hand only.
Remark: His not left-handed. Did he call a friend for the next step? Or can he do advanced workshop work with his left hand? 
I concentrated on creating high pressure hoses to and from the oil cooler. I made two. One did fit, the other one not. Stupid of me? Yes. Time for harakiri or at least a stressful moment? Nope.
I'm In the same boat with a lot of my Salt Slush friends who're
working 9 to 5
with the motto:
Measure once, cut twice.

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  1. you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.