Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nala and the Suburban fever

Where is my Suburban ! I want it back !
A few months ago we wrote about a friend who was convinced to buy a Suburban !
It was Nala, The Mastiff Puppy that was the trigger for Marcus to buy a Suburban. Nala visited the garage yesterday (no chewing marks on the Sajo Milling machine after she left)

She's presently around 15 kg but she will land on around 65 - 70 kg.
Unfortunately, Marcus has some issues with his Suburban and it's now at the workshop for a transmission repair.

Therefore Nala felt an enormous longing for a Suburban and what is better than having a smell and a look at Håkan & Carinas Black Big Block Suburban
Nala, here in Suburban missing mode!
Hakan heavily encouraged by Nalas visit, felt that he hade improve his Suburban. Out with the old leaking hydroboost unit and in with a another one from Osby amazing junkyard.
Carina supervising Hakans work and helping him when he's messing things up.
Empty no leaking hydroboost unit
A Hydroboost unit from Osby junkyard

Carina doing some of the tricky under-the-dash-work focusing on the 5 minute to 2 hour brake pedal clip removal.
Nala enjoying a Suburban moment and a Suburban improvement.
What's on here mind? Soon mine will be back!

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