Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sometimes a Cigar is just a Cigar....

Gothenburg is back, back to the normal grey and gloomy weather. Rain is pouring down and the cold summer wind is blowing when the sky is not just deadly grey. 

Luckily, Salt Slush is vaccinated against boredom. Who gave us the injection? None of us remember, but it must have been good stuff. Because we're prepared for indoor activity.
The headline statement applies. Magnus has fabricated a crucial in and out connection.
The oil cooler is finally in position. How many hydraulic hose I made? I don't want to reveal mistakes, but here's clue; A good thing are three...
What's this? Well, you've got to pump it up to get going... 
... and all the veins are now in place. 
We're soon ready for the first step.
There's not just heart and lust in our wild Amazon. Superego is now in place as well.

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