Friday, August 5, 2016

The tank, The challenge, The toothache and the headache ....

I don't know why, but the making of the big coolant tank has been an uphill struggle.

From other projects in my life, I'm used to deal with (versus my capability) huge challenges, extremely tight timelines and still be able to come out of it in a good way.

The coolant tank became rather good...ok, I know... I wouldn't qualify for the big name, high quality hot rod shops, but still it's done. It took a lot of time and interfered with other priorities like my C10, my wife's -69 Camaro, and plain normal daily work.

How did it all come together eventually? It all stared with piece of Carina's delicious blueberry black & current pie with some vanilla custard. As always, very good.
A small piece left for Magnus when he arrives for the Salt Slush night shift.
I needed to make some holes to enable the tank to be filled with ice at the race. Round hole in aluminium is easier than thick hardened steel, but still, you need patience and good tools.
Patience pays off.
First hole done...
And Yes! The lid (a marine part) fits like a glow or like a beer after hard work in the sun. You know what I mean.
TADA! The tank is connected, with the big lid and the ice feading holes. 
Solid tank fixation has to be done.
The relief pictured!

My garage friends have had a lot of fun on my expense while I was doing the tank. The slow progress, the enormous resistance from my side to get it done was all very amusing. Now they will have to find other challenges in order to hunt me down.

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