Monday, December 5, 2016

Scooter (Mopeds) invasion gave us the Husqvarna pest

What happened in Hollister the 4th of July 1947 was maybe the trigger to what is happening now at Ringön. We have a Scooter invasion ! Petter D hasn't showed his colours before .... Now in retro perspective the warning signs has been there ... We should have known better and interfered, with necessary determination, Now it's to late. 

One more moped arrived to the Garage Petter fooled Anders to transport it !  

We have contact 

Here you see the sprocket on the engine no teehts left ... only slipping and sliding for the chain.

Petter is a Scooter motor addict at first we thought he was slow, extremely slow since we seen him working on an eggmotor every weekend. Todays we saw and understood the magnitude of the plot.

Hidden from friends 

In Petter's locked and closed storage we found 5 complete engines repaired and well working.
After a couple of minutes he admitted that he had more, allot more  10 engines and 13 mopeds/scootes....

Whoops a moped without a Motor

Gas thank in magic mythical condition

One of the Egg Motors with an Elegant Husqvarna Logo, very nice design. 

Whoops suddenly two mopeds.

What shall we do set up a meeting with an agenda to stop this ? otherwise we will have motors and scooters everywhere................although we have to admit that at least Me Håkan and Anders got the Husqvarna bug........simultaneously we started to talk and surf after Husky 390 CR or WR Ok a 250 and or 400 can work... but it has to have steel tank.......

We should have stoped it !  Now we got the Huskqvarna decease... and that is bad, really bad.

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