Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trailer, Thoughts.and Turbo!

Man, Woman and Machines. They're all good and yes, they can all coexist.  But there's obstacles...

They all need space. Let's get this straight. We're not taking about ego trips etc., we're talking about actual physical space. In simple words, geometry.

Let me use examples to explain...
In order to transport our Amazon Landspeed Racer and related stuff around to tracks and make it possible for you all you to see the result of all our workshop hours, Salt Slush Racing was in need of a covered trailer.

Hence we bought a serious  trailer with racing heritage. Kalle is here posing as a proud owner should. We were all mighty encouraged at this stage. No worries, just pure happiness.
Ok. We've now moved this small looking covered trailer to a place we call home and don't ask me what happened, but it seems to have grown significantly during the 20 minutes trip. Magic isn't it?
Magic is perhaps not the correct word, misjudgement is closer to the truth.
Yes, we know. We've heard it before. Nature hates void, a fact that humans in general and Salt Slush Racing in particular are very well familiar with. Therefore we tried to sort thing out with logic, geometry and paper.
The conclusion? Not even a white sheet of paper, good arguments and a need for more space made the room grow bigger. Ain´t life strange? And depressing.
Simultaneously, in another part of the workshop the EFR 9180 turbo installation continues to progress. Here's the 2 in to 1 compressor inlet hose...
...and here's the 1 in to 2 compressor outlet pipe.
But what's this? A horseshoe?
It's not the result of milling for fun, it's instead a homemade wastegate bracket needed when the only not possible wastegate position was selected as the only possible wastegate position.
We're getting there step by step. Almost all connections are now almost connected.  

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