Friday, December 16, 2016

Monkey Hear, Monkey Do...The Surge Blues!

Some were raised in the 60's, when The Monkees tried to challenge The Beatles. Other were not. Which doesn't really matter now. Maybe that was an insight that was lurking inside Håkan as he exploded in to The Compressor Surge Dance, desperately trying to mimic the demons which emerged from our (former) Volvo Twin Turbo installation.
Compressor surge is a sound that emerge from turbocharges that spins up too fast as they try to go from low to high air flow.  Like monkeys we like big engines. What's better than a Gorilla?  If Håkan managed to create the same impact as a Gorilla we don't have to comment.

The 5500 rpm surge pushed Håkan over the border, breaking up in a Gorilla Dance a kind of stress relief to make a complete shake down and ter rid of all stress and tension...
The shake down releases the tension and does free up the forces that enable a progress of making of new miracles. All spiced up by a true joyful laughter, Free and finally released, saved by the Gorilla dance.

Work Zone below: We're removing the two specially prepared K24 2480 6.81 turbochargers, the exhaust manifold and all the oil and water pipes (that we spend a lot of time to create...) to make room for the new star: BorgWarner EFR 9180!   
So let's do, let's take away everything that looks like double trouble ! 
Decision taken. Soon the bi-turbo system is history.
What do I see is a big and a small turbo and the big is the magic super premium duper BWTS EFR 9180  supplied by our self, Salt Slush Racing . Extremely good and nice service by Salt Slush to Salt Slush.

Big is better ! Hoo Hoo any one there ?

Big in this angle too! And Beautiful ! 
The small K24 2480 6.81 although capable BWTS turbochargers versus it's bigger more well trained and quicker Big Brother. The BWTS EFR9180. 
But what to do with the smaller turbos? Every turbo sacred, every turbo's great and therefor it should not be wasted. Maybe suitable for a 350-400hp 5 cylinder? Hhmm...
Soon everything is gone in to a storage box.
Anders putting the last part's in the double trouble drama to rest. At least until we've found a suitable new project.

Soon there will be only one big and final solution !  

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