Thursday, January 12, 2017

Another tribute to engine boosting!

Yes, we know. We're too much into turbo system and therefore we should stop boring you'll with more details...but, still we can't help to go into details when it come to this topic. Why? 
Here's Top Three reasons:
1. Big Turbochargers and Superchargers are cool. You can deny it for a while and say to yourself its just like any engine component. But you know you're lying when your shivering finger is moving towards the compressor wheel and before you know it you are spinning the device with a lustful grin in your face.
2. It's the turbo and the supercharger that makes it all happen. No boost = No Power. Or at least, a lot less power. At Max boost pressure you feel alive...
3. The turbocharger is basically magic: The +900degC turbine housing is glowing in the dark, while the turbine and compressor wheel is spinning 20 times faster than the engine. In between the heat and the boost there are bearings, oil and water. It's amazing that it actually works!
On top of this some turbos and superchargers are actually beautiful. Like artwork. Perhaps a Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger would be too big, but small EFR turbo, especially with aluminium bearing housing, could definitely serve as coffee table    conversational piece.
Nevertheless, here are some close-up's on our latest turbo system achievements from today... 
Our new EFR 9180 turboinstallation is now 99% complete. All temperature sensors are in place...
....and will now be connected to the Holley EFI (again...)
As well the stay that holds the weight of the turbo, but still allow it to move, is now mounted.
This boat stuff fits the Volvo 960 engine mounts perfectly. Only final adjustment remains.
Might as well fix other issues while we've changed the turbo system. New coolant sensor position.


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