Saturday, January 14, 2017

Salt Slush Racing + Paul Bocuse = Pad Tai & Queue de Buf = The Factory?

- Everything in this world is not about cars, bikes and engines! my mother howled with emphasis frequently when I was a kid.
I guess she was right, at least to some extent. Food is important too. And food needs to be good to make it all come together and make hard working car guys and gals survive while they're making their dreams come true.
Here's what happened today in the creative Salt Slush Racing factory / workshop today. 
Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients.
Two garage Chef's, proud and ready to create.
Carina, The Pan and the Oxtails as she's blocking The Vise.
Mise en place Ford -46 Coupe. Club Coupe.
Le Fou Chef de garage, wok'n his way forward.
Pad Tai's gone, the Oxtail is getting tender and the angle grinders softly sang outside the garage.
But there's always a jury...and here they are. Roles: Anders, (right) bad juryman, bad but hungry. Magnus, (left) good juryman and always hungry. In the middle, happy and humble chef's (Carina and Petter-The-Professor) waiting for The Verdict.
No, we were not just fooling around. Magnus, Anders and Kalle worked with the Amazon Land Speed Racer, while I was welding my way to a solid rocker panel which will make Carina's Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 ready for the road. Painful but nice. 

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