Sunday, January 8, 2017

Closing up on The Second Try.

What doesn't kill you first time, will probably succeed second time...with those encouraging words of wisdom ringing in our ears, the Salt Slush team is now speeding up the work.
Exhaust manifold is now 100% ready. All temperature sensor bosses (and the sensors) are in now in place and Anders has milled the exhaust manifold flange to flat as can be. Then we cut up slits between cylinders 2 & 3 and one between 4 & 5. This will hopefully keep the tensions down and allow the manifold to move and expand slightly.     
All turbo connections are now ready as well. Oil drain has been modified, and M14 banjo connectors is installed. A home made wastegate actuator adapter and a high boost actuator is there as well to help us with Packaging and Power.
While some of us are working with the turbo system, Magnus and Kalle are working with improving the secondary Salt Slush Special coolant tank. Magnus is making the coolant fluid flow nicely to the additional two cooler that are mounted in the coolant ice tank by adding an electric coolant pump.  Kalle is making sure that the tank under all conditions, and we mean ALL conditions, will stay in position and not leak. How? Well, he's using heavy duty boat hardware, a MIG weld and pure quality assured determination.
Meanwhile, the Salt Slush CFO, Carina, is maintaining her Flymo two stroke (Tecumseh) lawnmower. Luckily she now has a small part cleaner.

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