Tuesday, January 17, 2017


To be ready, To have completed something seems to be Cristal clear definitions. But we all know that isn't true. Because after each step, the positive mind seems to think that the task is done or almost done. But at the same time, there's always a new set of problems that enters after each progress.
A relevant example: When you've designed and manufactured an exhaust manifold, you're happy and proud and it feels like you're ready! Until you realize the flanges needs to be milled flat, temperature sensors are missing and...
BorgWarner 9180 EFR turbo 100% installed! We're done! ...well...we still have to change to heat resistant screws between turbocharger and exhaust manifold...and the connect the compressor by-pass. But other than that...and a leakage check of course...we're ready. Almost.
Maybe that's a good rule of thumb? The turbocharger should never look small, when  compared to the engine geometry.

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