Saturday, February 4, 2017

750hp & 1000Nm! We celebrate POWER!

Today was The Day. The day we've been aiming for and thinking about for a long time. We know that there's a lot of gearheads out there with an enquiring mind who want to know what we're up to. We use a headline type of storytelling this time. 

Therefore, facts first.

We reached 700 rear wheel horse power, but since we understand crankshaft output better and needs to be encouraged with high, but reasonable, numbers we made following estimation: 700hp  (on RON 98 tap fuel) x 1,08 (estimated 8% efficiency loss from a robust Currie 9' rear end) = 756hp and around 1000 Nm! We reached this with a conservative ignition timing (14 deg BTDC) and a temperature before turbine of 950degC (A/F= 11.5). With race fuel (RON 116) or ethanol there's a lot more potential!

Just to keep you all on track, the displacement of this Volvo all aluminum 6 cylinder engine is 3 liter (183in^3) which means 250hp/l  (or 4 hp per cubic inch)

EFR 9180 turbo provides good boost at low rpm. Life's good!
But how did it all start this moring?

It was a small step for mankind but a huge step for Salt Slush Racing since we were heading to unknown territory which could work just fine or end up in one year delay from us reaching high Speed Racing in the US of A.

Here's our Saturday...hang on...

Anders drove out the Beast 

Kalle helped Anders to get shelter from the storm.

We finally reached the PRD test rig in Gothenburg. We felt at home under their calm and super professional wings.

No people? They're just getting coffee. Good coffee. 

Next step: Håkan is praying to the Salt God and to not miss out on any opportunity, we engaged the God of Speed as well. 
-Be with us and provide Power and Torque, Håkan preached.
-Make us happy and strong and able to do good deeds to other people in search for Power, he continued. 
We worked us through high load & speed calibration step by step by and used the Holley self learning mode while enjoying the solid support from PRD Motorsport. They really became our true guides in to the world of speed and high torque.

Yes, we have a lot of knowhow about engine boosting, but PRD Motorsport have the cool attitude, the nice approach and the experience that gave us the confidence to make wonders and big figures. Without too big risks of melted pistons and engines going belly up. Which was good...
Grand finale (on RON 98 gasoline). We're making the + 700 hp and + 900 Nm on normal gasoline and even if we're focused, we were happy, almost euphoric inside.
With race gasoline (RON 116) and a more advanced ignition we'll push the engine up to the +900hp needed. Probably we'll have to do this final stage in L.A, since it's hard to get hold of the correct land speed racing gasoline over in Sweden.
Nothing becomes great without thoughts and discussion. Mattias from PRD, Anders and Magnus at the laptop and Håkan at the pedal, which is soon to be close to the metal.
Modern digital science, or at least measurement guided us in to the mystery land of power and torque. Not evil big data instead nice, sweet and important science. Powerful science. 
Anders, in control of all the settings without any big mishaps. Today's hero.
Håkan our technical leader and advisor said no or yes to ignition and lambda and told us the fairy tales about the poor race teams, who ended up out in the forest with melted pistons and dead engines.
 Thinking, discussing and listen to opinions, search for facts is the way forward. This is what we all need to find the flow. 
We all enjoyed the flow when and all things worked out fine, when expertise from PRD Motorsport and Salt Slush merged.
Here Magnus from the Salt Slush discussing the big picture and specifically if there is a risk for too high exhaust back pressure before turbine. Anders managed to keep the focus on the horsepower and torque in making. 
Big mouth and talk is not the same as measurement and verified data. Salt Slush likes verified data.

We made some extra pulls to smooth out the torque curve. Why? We do want to avoid wheel spin as we nervously are shifting gears on the white slippery salt in +200mph (320km/h)  


At Bonneville and El Mirage, we need more than the 750hp but with race fuel, earlier ignition ,we will improve, and go beyond 900hp. 
And after all, we'll be in the US, which should be land of opportunities and, nowadays, the land of surprises as well.

Once again don't hesitate to use the help from PRD Motorsport in Gothenburg since they seem to be  the guide to the land of big figures. Important figures.

/Håkan and Kalle

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