Monday, February 20, 2017

A Smooth Body needs Paper Work to Cool Down!

Our Amazon does not only need muscles to be fast and able to conquer desserts. It needs a Perfect Body to be fast and, when the time comes to perform, it needs to stay cool as well. On top of it all, it needs a good look.
Ain't life a bitch?
So we thought how can we help?  How can we make this happen?
Well, to start with I started up the MIG and closed all holes that once upon a time held mouldings in place. Meanwhile Kalle picked up Magnus work with the Window frames.
Anders went back to paperwork, or rather, revisited the Cardboard Aided Design approach. But after all, what the hell is he doing? 
Well, he's forming the paper mock-up of the Cooling air path that will transport the air from the nose up through the hood (or bonnet if you're from an Island) 
After a couple of hours, Anders reshaped the paper to a cooling channel. Next step is now... make the beauty surgery and open up the hood.
We better hurry up because there are evidence outside the workshop that indicates that spring time is coming closer.

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