Sunday, February 19, 2017

Let's get the Body in shape, eat and drink!

No, we're not on our way to the gym. It's the Landspeed Amazon that needs some body fix. For a long period we've been focused on Turbos, Torque and Tuning. But now when the powertrain is running fine, we've reached our 750hp on gasoline (yes, we should run a tuning sweep with high octane race gasoline as well to confirm 850hp) there were no more excuses. It was time to perfect the sheet metal and work with safety.  
We lowered the body over the chassi and started to walk around the car like quality inspectors from past. (No, we didn't wear white coats)
After a while the To Do list was completed. Finish the window frames, close all holes, bigger wheel houses in the rear...
...and maybe the most difficult task, enable a cooling flow thorough hood with air guides underneath.
Maybe like this? Nobody knows yet, design work is ongoing...but we don't to ruin the basic (and beautiful) Amazon hood shape but we need to have the out let where the pressure is low.
What is this? Well, Saturday evening is perfect for a small garage party. Especially if the workshop is equipped with a Paul Bocuse Range Cooker. Cast iron pots on gas burner feels just fine. 
No effort was spared. The white cloth is a must for a proper garage dinner. Magnus and Kalle as decorators.
Beer on a surface of steel.
Then eventually, the dinner was served while dreams and visions almost became real.
After a while, all technical problems were a lot easier to solve.
The Amazon from a different angle in a different light

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