Thursday, February 23, 2017

What's the Color of Speed?

It time. We've reached The Point. The point when we have to make a decision. A decision about the appearance, looks and style. I'm talking about the color.
Some people have opinions about camshafts, some other people gladly express their view about clutches, but all of the people are happy to advise us about the Color of the Car.
In fact, the majority don't want us to paint the car at all. But we're gonna pain the Beast.
So, what's the color of Speed?  Red is the racing color no.1 and therefore somewhat worn out. Silver? Well, it least it was glorious, back in the days when Mercedes concurred the race tracks. But no, it would be like swimming with all the other Prius. Green? No, we're not British. White? No, that's for refrigerators type-of-cars....and so it continues...
Then Frank, the man, arrived in our workshop. Frank is a painter and a former Dragracer. He had a practical approach. He gave us a deadline, a color chart and carbon fiber filler and asked us following question:
- How do you guys like it? Altarpiece or Race finish? Show or Go? 
We said something about us not being religious and in need for speed, took the filler and started to work with the body again. Silently.
What color we'll chose? To be continued.

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