Saturday, February 25, 2017

Saturday is alrigth for SSR

Busy hours in the Garage since we aim to have the Amazon painted and nice when we go back to Bilsport performance and custom show upcoming Easter weekend.

We have a lot of things to do before we are there and what is better than to focus and work hard ?

In what might look like total chaos we enjoyed our Saturday. Parallel with our work the color choice and accent colors was debated.......latest main track is Gold metallic, white scallops, black and white text.....
Welding and grinding is a good starting point for a lot of things.
Håkan is working on the beautification of the window fixation. Removing the ugliness with some filler.
The set up is to bolt plastic glass on the window frame, 
in order to make the car fast, the windows have to be smooth and flush.

Our new face ! Magnus has created the closing of the grill, 
we intend to open up some intakes for cooling and the engine air inlet
It will look cool to leave the aluminum parts unpainted.
I (Kalle) is welding the fixating flanges for the side window.

At the same time Anders created the fixation of the tail gate, 
I gave him a helping hand welded some spots.
You can do a lot with a M8 pin.

Ooops what is this ? It's Carinas Suffolk lawnmower engine which had been a little bit strange...
Carina point out a number of issues ! Ok a flathead always have some signs of strange burning

Håkan, who makes his living developing modern efficient engines for Volvo
was rather amused of the flathead issues and
 made a longer explanation about the benefits of a modern combustion chambers.  
Magnus evaluates the cylinder head, a lot of remains from the burning of gas, 
Magnus is a hard core flathead enthusiast in all shapes and saw no issues with the signs of how the burn had worked. Håkan didn't share Magnus view.  

Hmmm... -It look like a high altitude photo of Himalaya ! Is this good ?

Back to the tailgate fixation. Welding, Welding, Welding

Body guckelimuck makes all ugliness beautiful.

 Magnus work on some details connected to our upcoming air intake

Close of everything in the front! Turn indicators are not needed ! 

No Saturday at SSR is complete without some gastronomic events
 Here some smoked turkey...
Håkan did an attempt to promote Chicken liver. 
Nala the shop dog had to finish it off, she found it delicious.

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