Friday, February 17, 2017

Read about Salt Slush Racing in Gasoline

For sure, we claim to be something special and some recognition is alwas nice !

We have been building and wrenching our way forward the last years and we're now closer then ever to enjoy our Salt fever and how harsh it may sound, we have reached to the understanding that there is no cure to be found, which means that we will, in steps, surrender and accept our life long disease, the salt fever.

Today we recived the latest issue of  Gasoline Magazine which to a large extent capture our general illness in a six page special article about our Amazon and our dreams. We're proud since Gasoline Magazine is well worth buying and reading, even without us in it...

They passed by our garage last summer on a lovely Sunday talking and taking a lot of pictures. We had some fika ready, but were not at all prepared for the mental recap and debrief it was to become.

At the end of the day it kind of landed in a feeling of a revitalised commitment crisp and clear !

All in all, it was a very good day and we all got the opportunity to tell and describe what we are aiming for. You know when you speak up up make your point you repeat it for yourself.  So it became a day when we revisited our plans and straightened up our act.

It becomes a strong commitment when it's written, printed and distributed and on top of all bought and payed for by others who buys the Magazine. Compared to a bold statement on Facebook 1 minute and press the button this is bigger 

And as we always say;
-You ain't seen nothing yet!

The Salt.....Gives you fever....dreams and .....  

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