Tuesday, May 30, 2017

First High, then Low. That the way it goes!

Eventually the sun went down. The amazing Ringö Swap Meet and the wind down Salt Slush garage party was over. The garage was cleaned up and the rain was pouring down outside. We turned on the heating fan and looked at each other silently. It's summer in Gothenburg.
On the positive side, we all gained energy. We got back to the workshop and started to finalize the Belly Pan.
Not only the Salt Slush team were back on track, we've seen sign of serious Turbo and Supercharger activities as well. The turbo community is pumping up the pressure.
No, we're not building a Baja Amazon, yet...our Green machine is just jacked up while Anders and Magnus is creating the frame for the front part of the Belly Pan and tuning the diffusor.
Is it a framework, when you're working with a frame? Nevertheless, here's the first step in the making of the front belly pan.
The diffusor is almost ready, it just needs some final adjustment. You know the final, small details that just takes a zillion hours.

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