Saturday, June 3, 2017

Go flat, Go low because that the way to go...Bro....

If you wanna go fast you gotta go low. That's what we all know. On top of it all we're in a tight spot, because we're sending our superduper Amazon on a slow boat to the US of A soon
No rhymes. Just an Amazon gone low.
When going low, you gotta know how. This is our aluminum attempt.
The front Belly Pan from a different angle and different view. Felt good. Felt new.
There's always another side of a story. Allow me to introduce the front Belly pan held up by Anders, displayed on a surface of grey Gothenburg skies.
The road to success is paved with casualties. 
The other angle. Here's Kalle adjusting the Anders made diffuser with the magic plasma torch.
The 2D Egg.
Kalle presenting The All Aluminum Egg.
Or at least part of it. What it is?
-The rear end cover, stupid!
We're going low, we're flat. We're good to go. 
Like Sam. Or not...

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