Saturday, May 6, 2017

Speed Trolls + Sunlight = Bad idea!

There's rarely any sunshine in Sweden. The vast majority of Swedes regard this as negative and try to absorb every sunray available. The minority i.e. the garage rats, the D-Vitamin consumers and those looking for real speed do have a more balanced view on this problem
Here's one example. Magnus trying to get out of the sunlight before turning into stone.
The rest of the Dark team while learning that two lathes in one Speed Shop might not be enough. When the team gets going we've experience machine shortage and that's a serious situation. Here's Anders making spring offset washers while I'm fabricating new bolts for our new uni-ball steering.
All good. Only adjustment awaits.
Uni-ball's and other good stuff.
Stuff that will move our racer from good to great.
In the darkness, on the operation table with trolls as doctors; our Amazon looking for front end adjustments.

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