Thursday, June 15, 2017

Coming up... The long haul !

We've talked about it for a while, but now we know when we're shipping our Landspeed Amazon to Los Angeles. We now have tickets for us as well as our mean green creation.
If we're ready? No, not yet. But soon. We're manufacturing our way forward piece by piece, evening by evening. The TODO list is getting shorter, but there's still a list and it ain't short yet. Luckily nights are short in Sweden right now, since we're approaching midsommar.
Here's a two examples of what we've done recently. We're into sealing and hence (hopefully) reducing dust in drivers compartment.

Magnus made wheel housings in the rear that match the diffusor. Yes, he has done both side, but you'll have to imagine the outer one.
Anders has found a way to seal the rear doors against the roll cage. Yes, it took some how-are-we-going-to-do-this discussion's. Same here, use your imagination for a picture of the driver's side design.

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