Saturday, June 10, 2017

Gone with the wind

Gone with the wind with Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh is a masterpiece in the movie world and thereto connected business. Maybe not the movie we would pick. But still, a lot of drama.

Our latest focus was to manage the wind and the dust. From the source of wisdom (Hot Rod Magazine) we picked up some useful information and that is that too much dust in the driver compartment can make it hard to drive fast. This wisdom created a lot of actions. We concluded that we'll need to use the wind to manage the dust and hence make the dust go away with the wind.

Regarding the movie, or the book, we probably should have picked something from John Steinbeck Grapes of Wrath since the wind and the dust is what we need handle like they did by approaching Los Angeles. All tough we have another reasons to go there.

One dilemma, referering to the literature above, is that these stories are brutal. No happy ending there. Not the type of story we are to create. We hope.
But first some pro bono work. We needed to provide some help to a car guy with a lost soul. A warped MG cylinder head...British engineering is as close to controlled trouble as you can get. Designed for a good story in the pub after being rescued. Nevertheless, Magnus sorted it out while constantly singing God save the Queen as the milling machine was humming.
Anders SAJO milling machine takes all troubles away. Always.
Magnus's steady hand brought back the greatness to the British Engineering. A good thing to have at times with election Hallabaloo and Brexit in the UK.

Magnus fixation of the cylinder head was on a new level, never seen before in the SSR garage. Something we appreciated since we usually run around trying to capture cylinder heads flying around like flies before they hit the ground. And that's the truth...
Here's Håkan while creating a device to capture the wind and get some pressure in the cabin. The idea is to use the area in front of the windshield, all according to books of wisdom (among them Hot Rod Magazine) as a high pressure zone. 
The pressure device soon in an high speed Amazon close to us.
In place, ready to get pressurized
Tada! Between helping out with adjusting British greatness, Magnus built 
the beautiful air guidance in front to get the hot wind out.
Air Guidance in front of the cooling pack
To enable over pressure in the cabin it needs to be sealed. Here's Anders while using the latest state of the art technology to figure out the geometry and to seal the deal. The deal of dust if you know what I mean.
Kids Dough is something every garage needs.

Janne is making miracles with his Bonneville, a time capsule bobber that is an awakening program...... More info when it starts. 
We try to understand what is happening. Anders is checking up formulas to size the possible pressure from Håkans pressure device.
It will make some difference according to Anders.
Ok what is this ? Well, Anders has returned to childhood and salt dough. Soon to be converted in to ol´ sheet metal.
My cooling tank has now a pressure valve / hose. Support the law physic's.
Summary: Let's end this day with a well known Gone with the Wind quote " After all, tomorrow is another day" and even though we're not going to California to pick grapes we're intending to go fast and create a dust bowl and as a consequence we're shipping the SSR Amazon on a slow boat to LA like there was no tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, today it's the day after yesterday or the day before tomorrow.

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