Sunday, June 18, 2017

TO DO list is getting shorter.

The Salt Slush Team is focused because we have a Mission. The Mission to make sure that the Amazon is as ready as can be when we're loading it in to a container and wish for the best a couple of weeks from now. Right now we're working hard to make this happen.
Yes, we still use some time to shave and shower and, occasionally, we even sleep some hours.
This weekend we've connected the Belly Pan with the inner fenders, we've worked and with the safety equipment, sealing the wheel housing, tightening bolts and more.

But at some point, Sunday evening, we felt the urge to see the blue sky and hear the howling engine. Always rewarding. 
All good things have an end. The in-and-out procedure is not the only, but definitely one parameter that makes our Amazon a less good daily driver.  

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