Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gearhead Gardening.

If you're a gearhead, you're a gearhead. You're addicted to gasoline and there's no cure know to mankind. You just have to cope with the situation. But it means that you need cool machines around you continuously to stay calm.
Even stressful stuff like lawn mowing, which keeps good guys from their garage, can be nice if there's an Iron Horse like a Suffolk Lawn Mower to support and soothe the soul.
If you want to avoid cylinder abstinence on a sunny Sunday seek for Suffolk. Word of warning: You have to be cautious, these machines are invasive.
There are thing's that are easy to resist. Like Prius, Pilates and Pokemon.
But stuff in steel called Super Punch or...
...Demon DeLuxe just can't be ignored. Sounds like Dodge Demon, doesn't?
A two stroke Tecumseh that hovers makes a man feel fine.
A Suffolk Super Puch ain't for robot guys. Full throttle, gain speed and go ahead. Yes, they're a bit heavy. 
Carina, a garden gearhead girl here posing her collection of Suffolk's

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