Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We're trying to get our act together...

...so that we're ready conquer dry lakes in the blistering sun, and we do make some progress right now. As it seems, a deadline is really a good thing. With less than a month to finish it all we'll only take a small break for midsummer eve before we continue to detail our Amazon.
WTF is midsummer? International readers with an inquiring mind might wonder. I'd say forget it, it's just a event during which Swedes eat various types of hearing and strawberry's in pouring rain and get drunk.
Nevertheless, here are today's contributions that brought us one step further on our journey to the El Mirage dry lake. 
So finally, left wheel housing is complete, reasonably sealed to the Belly pan and rigid.
We'd like to pass the security check and it's good to survive as well, so we build up some extra head protection.  
But how to get the head protection in the correct position? Anders is practicing the measure twice, drill once procedure. Will he be successful? To be continued... 
Magnus has now tuned and stiffened up the air ducting (we all thought he was already finished, but as it turned out he was not) Now it looks really good as well. The days when we relied on cardboard engineering is gone. We've moved on for now, but we'll be back....

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