Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We're facing the Wind.

We're now in unknown terratory. Left with our own ideas, the SCTA rulebook and good hope. Because we're now facing The Wind. The Aerodynamics.
We've done the engine and the rest of the powertrain and all was verified in a chassi dyno. A powerful feeling.
We've build the chassi and tested it on asphalt, on a track and we came home safe and sound. Inspired. 
But now we're forming the Aero details of the Amazon body and we won't know if we got things right until we're sniffing low over the dust and the salt in desserts far from home. Exiting.
The Amazon face. Now with spoiler, front Belly pan and soon coolant flow guidance.
What comes in must get out. Magnus is working on the air ducting
Magnus is in precision mode.
The aluminum floor is now really flat.
The only interruption in the endless flor flatness is the rear end cover bulb and the five degree diffusor. If you don't know what I'm talking there's no need to be worried. You're not alone.
Rules. There's rules as well. SCTA has rules regarding roof rails and we're following them. We're at 16mm roof rail height which is typically Swedish since it's in the middle of min and max (12,7mm-19mm). We're always lagom. Or not...
Coming back to the diffusor. Anders and the metal saw in silently communication regarding diffusor outlet form. Something good is going on. We'll soon find out what.

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