Saturday, October 28, 2017

Accelerating motor madness while pretending being solid and sane

We all need a well tuned relief valve to make our soul stay safe, solid and sound.  To keep high pressure at bay before our minds explode.

 Salt Slush is thinking of autumn storms as a source of energy and a way to gain speed and make wishes come true rather than a reason to take shelter from the storm, rain and darkness.
So when the sun occasionally was shining over Gothenburg we got together to...yes. you've heard it deeds. To get it right, Big Block and Flatheads was woken up and taken out from the darkness.
We found engines from the past that could serve as vehicles of hope and future glory.
When you're really prepared for a poetic motor moment. Go to Terräng Axel Temple in Gothenburg.  
Yes, there were things to worship there too. Fantastic French Flatheads. And yes, we bought them all.
Mechanic Mastercard from the past is silently sending a piece to mind message to the creator of internet of things.   
Magnus in decision mode. How many war tank seats will be needed short term? 
Anders, hungry as a hog captured when digging in on garage cooked chili chicken 
Shining new chrome on The El Camino. 
Petter, The Professor, in let's-get-the-shit-together-mode. 
Cina and Marcus in Rototiller mode. Which means good mode.

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