Sunday, October 22, 2017

Inside the dream factory real stuff happens!

In the weekend flow wild ideas comes easy. Here are a few good enough to survive to Monday and even Tuesday...

1. An El Camino, a Chevy El Camino with an old useless 305 engine, a 700 transmission and a AirWerk S300SX-E(S369)turbo, a Holley carb and 550hp on the crank. Yes, a perfect roadkill type of El Camino sits in the close proximity to our workshop (No, no, no we're not talking about Anders Camino)
2. To build an Ardun Engine, a piece of art based on a French Ford side valve V8 engine. Old, but super cool. I'll try to get hold of a donor engine tomorrow...
3. Equip an old Mercedes 190 with new big injectors and a AirWerk S200SX-E turbo and make donuts. Yes, we've got a barn find type of Benz that's a candidate. Rear wheel drive and low weight. Add power and the this German dish is ready to be served.
But no, where not just dreaming, we're working with various projects as well. Here's a snapshot of what the Salt Slush team is working with right now.
Anders needed stronger springs to keep his cool Induction Cowl open, so he made a tool. Yes, we took shelter when performed his test trail. I felt like a war photographer, could have been shoot any minute.  

Carina made a Raspberry Pie and good literature was there to read. Still life.

Finally! Magnus got his roller follower to one of his Ford side valve V8's.
Relieved as he was he made great progress with his dragster that sooner (or later...) will make

It started with a broken ignition coil....but Carina needed to know...

...if the her Briggs were worth some effort. So she took it apart. Inquiring mind always wants to know.
The Conclusion: Buy the coil. 

Meanwhile I was manufacturing rocker panels for the Chevy -36.
Yes, they do fit and yes, from now on it will be possible to drop the mobile on the floor without loosing it. Which is good. Feels safe.  
Incredibly enough, the doors are possible close as well.

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