Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Mutilple Project Syndrom

There are people that doesn't have a project and there are those that doesn't even want one. How they survive is nothing but a mystery.
Then there are others. People who need a car/bike project as much as they need air to breath. Who needs to the positive creative distraction from all daily activates that a project brings.

Then there are those with Multi Project Syndrome, people who have a million ideas and more on going project than they can count. Some of these projects are strictly virtual while some are ongoing. Ongoing means that parts are being bought and wrenching has begin.
We spent a couple of thousand hours on our mean green machine and we're thinking about and planning for the next steps with our Amazon Land speed racer. We'll be back in US of A 2018, but right now our hand are tight sine our Amazon is in US and we're in Sweden. 
This doesn't mean that we're lying softly on the sofa. Nope. Instead we've started to work on other projects that are on our lists. Projects that was in previously in minds only was initiated one cold dark evening this week when Magnus, Anders, Carina and I took Carina's C20 pick truck (which by the way could do with a 4LE80 transmission) and drove out to Tomas Terräng to pick a few flathead V8's.

Dark and cold outside, but with one V8 under the hood and two V8's on the truck bed, dreams about old school supercharging, Ardun heads comes naturally. A warm feeling.
The Franco-American Flatheads V8's resting in our workshop. And no, these engines are not aimed for Anders El Camino...that's another project that needs a transplant to a more modern heart.

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