Friday, October 20, 2017

Go! Get ready!

We're done. We're exhausted by exitment, tired of thrills but still soaked with a speed saga full of boost that will make us boast and get ready for Bonneville 2018!

The sad story is that we cannot work with the Amazon, since it's in US and we're in Sweden. The flip side is that our race car is in Erik Hansson's super capable hands and we're a team with a plan.

It's hard to create a solid plan but is soft to have one. But we're confident since we now have a plan. A good plan? A solid plan? Nobody knows.

While waiting for Bonneville Speed Week 2018, we're in therapy. In garage therapy. Working with various projects individually. Which means that we're not lying down and we're not like Woody Allen's vulnerable veggies. 
When you're looking for peace of mind beyond Yoga, Zumba and the fuckin fitness tracker. 

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