Sunday, October 15, 2017

Our winter dwelling.

Rain is pouring down. It's geting darker day by day. The Amazon is in US. But the Salt Slush team with friends know where to go to avoid depression. To the workshop. Because now is the time to get projects going. So we meet and talk about all our numerous project and socialize. More contemplative than Yoga, sweatier than a Gym and definitely more fun and rewarding.
If you can count to four you can spoke a wheel ! But some practice is needed too. Petter, the professor, are learning by doing. 
At some point in time, we all have to stand in front of The Judge. Anders, the inspector, is here arrogantly checking if Petter's wheel is round and straight. The verdict is unclear.
Annika and one of her wheel hubs. Why so happy? Reason: When old bearings are not there anymore and the new fit perfectly, relief comes naturally.  
Thors Hammer on a surface of steel? No, it's just Anders latest milling device. Which will allow us to make magic millings soon. 
But no magic without a stop that hinders the angular milling device from rotating. Wise men knows that; You got to have a machine to improve a machine. 
Why's she so proud? Well, Cina managed to start up a spare Suffolk 98cc engine that has not been started for 30 years. That's why she's in a good mood. 
In the Amazon vacuum, old projects are coming alive. The Chevy 1936 is getting new sills and an interior. After that we'll paint it and then we'll move on and build the with EFR turbo equipped V8 Mercedes 220b and then we'll work on the C20 pick up and then...
What's this? Why all this happiness?
Well, the 1998 5.9L Jeep Grand Cherokee that serves as a Cinas daily driver, is approved for another year by the Swedish authorities.

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