Sunday, November 5, 2017

Couple Therapy and ambiguity.

With the Amazon at Erik Hanson, in CA, we're on our own. We're alone with our dreams, our inner conflicts and our schemes. Hence conflicts evolves. The Salt Slush team is tight, but our minds are thorn apart by our individual need for speed, crave for craze and magic mechanic machines. 
Carina and I are no exception. We need therapy. Because we're in conflict. At least, we need advices. We already consumed a vineyard and all candles has evaporated and still the question remains unsolved. So it ain't easy... Here's what we argue about: 
Carina (Cina) loves the Ardun Engine. She think's it a magic machine. Here she's home at Erik H looking at one of his ongoing projects. With an Ardun Engine.
From another angle and another view. The Ardun Engine from Ferguson....and I admit it's super cool. When building an Ardun Engine you basically create a modern fast burning hemi engine without cooling issues based on a legendary engine from the 1930-ties. And yes, it's a piece of art. And yes, it has heritage.
But...I love boosting and boosted engines. No matter if it's a modern downsized 6 or 8 cylinder DI turbo engine, an LS V8 engine with Supercharger or Turbo or a Flathead with Supercharger.
So what should we do? Ardun or Supercharged flathead? Our Ford -46 need long term a new faster beating heart. We need therapy. Engine therapy.

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