Friday, November 17, 2017

EXTRA EXTRA !! Read all about it !! GASOLINE

It is some time since we played at El Mirage and if you want to read about our adventure  in a printed magazine, you can buy the latest issue of
Gasoline Magazine (11 2017) and get some nice pictures and a good story.

Gasoline is a cool and rely good magazine (in Swedish) that
capturing what we in Salt Slush Racing like and focus.
Green reminds us of the summer, which we need in dark November. You who know the drill knows that darkness give us a lot of garage quality time.  Although in combination with some busy and fun work at our daytime work by Volvo Cars and Boeing. 
Tech inspection. Phuuu it worked out... but yes, we still have a list.
We should also say Thank You to Tech Spec Team who guided us through the different important steps and gave us the opportunity to fix the most urgent issues and conducted another inspection later the same evening.
The long way to El Mirage. Special thanks tp Magnuson Superchargers.
Your trailer and Truck (Yes, with a Magnuson blower) made transportation a pleasure.
Rookie orientation. 
We spent time with learning lesson no 1 in the land speed racing school. 
We all strongly remember the first rule.  Don't be that guy !
Firts run...Dusty...but what a feeling. we had to pinch our arms to check 
if it was for real.
We all understood very fast that we had alot lot to learn 
regarding land speed racing.
It is not at al like speeding on the highway, 
if some one think how hard can it be.
It is different and will keep us busy many years.

Go out and buy ! And get some inspiration.


The 449 SSR Amazon is resting in Erik H's garage. Meanwhile we're planing for next steps.

So far the plan is go to LA and work with Erik (He will do some work ahead) to clean up the remaining tech spec issues to be allowed to pass 150 mph combined this with some race improvements like engine calibration, increased weight, new tyres.....
Go to El Mirage  when there's no racing going on to train and get a good feel for the car.

Go back to US for the speed week at Bonneville.

But plans are plans.  

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