Friday, November 24, 2017

It seems like we are on the news ?

We had almost forgotten lovely Helena from SVT News who passed by our garage when we were busy finalizing our race car  in the early summer before shipping it to California, US

But like a thunder and ligthning we were struck by today's news which we, for once, were part of.

For us it became the enhancer of our adventure and dream, Helena managed captured it all.
In a tender and relevant way she manged to capture a real and actual feeling versus fake news.

Please enjoy and imagine our love affair with the salt.

We're  happy to be able to share this with You All.

And again. You ain't seen nothing yet.
Of course we've to learn and work hard as hell before we reach the next level.


What was orginaly intended as local news ended up in Rapport which is  big news in Sweden, Prime time.

Take a look at above link ! We will try to make to make the full interview available as soon as we have OK to share it.

Enjoy !

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