Thursday, November 30, 2017

Things to do when you're not on TV...

We're right now planning next years landspeed racing at El Mirage and Bonneville and at the same time enjoying a surprising amount of media attention. The race planning is fun even if budget work can be a bit scary...but when we're not on TV (and that happens) we normally spend the winter where the winter is best spent. With friends in a warm garage, full of projects of various type. But there are other activities and joys too...
Like car spotting. This old Amazon Station Wagon with slot mags wheels and other attributes from the 1970-ties sure was nice to see. The registration sign message was correct and that was probably what someone recently had done.
Or Turbo happiness: To hold a AirWerks S400SX-E turbo in your arms is nice. As I read somewhere; You can't by happiness, but you can buy a turbo and that's pretty close...
Or Turbo quality time: Look at it for awhile, then close your eyes and dream about howling engines, sunshine and tire smoke.
Or an in-between engine project: Few things are as effective as a engine tuning project when it comes to adjusting work-life-balance. Yes, it works even if you work with engines 9 to 5. Strange isn't ?
Spend countless hours just cleaning parts (that you later on will not use..)
Or get fully focused and try to start stuff.
Or create something: Yes, but what the this? Should we try pesticide? Better not, since this is an essential part of Magnus making magic. Soon to appear on something wild.
Or enjoy garage cooking: Petter's Garage Wok -gives you strength to keep on working and dreaming.

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