Monday, December 25, 2017

Chistmas Day Milling. A soul saving event.

I guess you've already heard it all. The big talk about good work out sessions, good advices provided by a foggy yoga instructor and the numerous diets that you'll have to follow unless you don't feel the urge to die soon. Very soon.

It goes with out saying that we've survived without any of the above. How? There are one or two reasons that makes us able to survive without external help. We don't know for sure, but determination and entusiasm are two positive characteristics that makes you do deeds on your own expense and stay happy. Restlessness and resistance to loose are negative and stressful properties that pushes you from the coach to the center of creativity. Today, it all boiled down to advanced milling. A recipe for short term fulfillment.
A factor beyond dreaming is precision. Without accuracy, there's no success. So...we measured...and adjusted....again and again until finally, we were good to go and ready to...

...mill the old combustion chamber off. 
I was really keen on getting this right. Rome was not built in one day and neither was the destruction of the reliving in the French block. But the confidence was building up in 0,3mm incremental steps... a point when it all got boring. That's when you know that you're heading in the right direction.
After 2,085mm of Christmas Milling I've reached our goal. Felt good. Felt great.
A V8 cylinder block ready for a Ardun cylinder head kit from Ferguson Forging in L.A.
But yes, you've guessed it. We're not ready yet. There's a second cylinder bank that needs treatment, which means that we can still mess it all up. But that's for tomorrow. Today is today. Each victory needs to be celebrated separately.   

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