Thursday, December 28, 2017

The balance of nature. A workshop example.

Balance. The normal situation. In nature as well as in a workshop. A place where equilibrium is reached. Where only small changes happens and grey dust on cars and tools is normal.
But it's bound to happen. The sudden change. A change, a force, a strike from an uncertain and often strange direction.  And remember, if there's a prey there's a predator.
Here's the predator. A Lars-Davidsson good-looking-vehicle with a crave for reasonable good valves and seats. Valve seats.
Where there was once a prey. I mean; a set of valves for a flathead. V8 flathead.
The mother of all valves. A demilitariserad French Ford block totally relived. A block that has moved on and is now looking for a new set of heads. A pair of Ardun cylinder heads. With valves included.
No more Légion étrangère. Instead a base for new power and speed. And, yeah, I forgot, Peace.

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