Sunday, December 24, 2017

The first cut is the deepest.

It's Christmas, a social but silent event during which most of us are transformed to a vegetative mode. We're all waiting for no miracles and nothing special to happen, prepared to be bored to death in the light of a hand crafted candlelight. This deadly boredom is spread globally and there's no exceptions...

Well, there's a small community in the southwest of the rainiest and gloomiest part of Sweden called Gothenburg where there's a workshop full of light and energy and engine builders. It's packed we turbos, superchargers and milling machines and everything else that makes life move from good to great. Rain and Christmas is not a problem since the heat fan is on and the coffee machine works just fine.
On Christmas Eve Carina and I were finally able mount the flathead V8 in the SAJO 54 milling machine after a long and painful process full of worries. The purpose is to mill away the all relieves in the French iron block. We've been thinking twice and we're now alright.  Hopefully. 
Dressed for the occasion. Carina is happy to see that her Ardun V8 engine dream is about to come true step by step. What?  Well, the cylinder block is now fixed and the top deck is straight within 0,1 mm. Not good enough, but still a small victory. Maybe we'll be able to make the first and sensitive cut tomorrow, when everything else is still silent and dull and in Christmas mode.

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