Saturday, December 16, 2017

Snow is-a-falling. But summer is coming. Better be fast to not be last.

On top of the northern hemisphere, where winter is hard, the light is low and taxes are high, energy comes from conviction and strong belief.

Many are called but few are chosen. Those likely to survive the winter are those with dreams and energy. Those who dream about summer. Those who dream about life, sun and speed.

As snow and temperature are falling and the continuous night is making us all sleepy, The Salt Slush team are shivering, but we're still willing to do deeds. Let me explain why. 
Heart transplant. A supercharged LS iron heart is soon to beat hard in a Red Hot El Camino
Heart surgery. An old side valve heart is waiting for a Ardun head conversion. Addressed from the sunny side the western world. We think we might have found a way to machine the French block with a US soul in an old Swedish milling machine. 
If we're successful, a warm international combustion will conquer the cold and rainy streets of Gothenburg any day soon. Better get going to make this happen...

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