Sunday, February 18, 2018

First time ever? A postmodern Lawnmower

What's good? What's bad? What's right and what's wrong? Who can do what's never been done? Who can win what's never been won?
Well we don't know, but we know that many things has already been done and it's hard do what has never ever been done before. But this time I'm almost sure that I'm about to create a first-ever contraption. A device that if/when it starts will not produce huge amount of horsepower and not be turbocharged, but will have a 300% power increase.
The adapter that enables a Honda GX120 OHV cylinder head on a Suffolk side valve engine seems to do the job. The pushrods  (still needs to be fabricated) will find space where the side valves once were and the valves does fit the cylinder bore. Next step is to adjust the thickness of the adapter and the cylinder head to a suitable compression ratio.
The in-between job: The Postmodern Lawnmower engine. One of its kind?

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