Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Kicking out a Barnfind! A team activity!

It had to go. We needed the space in our barn. On top of that, team activity is a good thing. It keeps you alert and honestly speaking, it's really fun to wake something up.

To hear how the starter turn for the first time after resting numerous years in a dry, dark barn where only Owl thrives, is really exiting! Then...ignition....and...Yippie! 

But no, it was not a forgotten 300SL Gullwing  or a Ford 3W 34' Coupe. But it is a soon to be a classic and it's unusual. Let me tell you why.

Reasonably modern cars with rear wheel drive and a curb weight of 1150 kg makes a lot of sense. Imagen a mild tuning with the smallest Borg Warner EFR6758 and 350hp. What a nice ride!

We're talking about a Mercedes 190E from 1990 with 5 speed manual transmission. A small agile and car by today's standard, build like a down scaled Mercedes S-Class.

It's like fishing. First there has to be a fight. Yes, the 454 Suburban won. But 4WD Low was needed. Yes, we will fix the brakes. 
Then comes the get-to-know the vehicle phase. Soft.  
Analysis ongoing. So far a new clutch slave cylinder and a headlight glass are on the shopping list.
But...it looks good and runs fine. After a first struggle, a few dates we start to like her.
But, we know, she will find others, there are plenty of guys out there who need a light RWD ride and perhaps a turbo...and a...

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